Gregor Novak is Co-founder and President of SunContract, who passionately believes in taking renewable energy to the world
Aleksa is a DAO governance, tokenization, and Web3 product consultant. As a legal professional, Aleksa provides unique perspectives
Sebastjan Pirih, the Marketing and Business Development Director at NETIS, advises business partners on implementing cutting-edge solutions that
Jack O'Connor is the Head of Communities at the Algorand Foundation, dedicated to fulfill the global promise of
Klemen Gradišar is the Co-Founder of Ballies.gg, a gaming platform that has evolved into a cutting-edge platform, connecting
Dino Rađa is a former Croatian professional basketball player and former head of the professional council of the
Mate Naletilić is a digital innovation specialist with five years of experience working alongside the executive team of
Michele Imbimbo is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Stargraph, a Web3 boutique helping top brands exploit
Benjamin Stoll is the Digital and Innovation Director at Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS). Benjamin holds a bachelor's
Seki Haruyuki, also known as Hal Seki, is a Senior Expert of Civic Tech at the Japanese Government's