Meet the stars.

Gregor Novak is Co-founder and President of SunContract, who passionately believes in taking renewable energy to the world
Aleksa is a DAO governance, tokenization, and Web3 product consultant. As a legal professional, Aleksa provides unique perspectives
Sebastjan Pirih, the Marketing and Business Development Director at NETIS, advises business partners on implementing cutting-edge solutions that
Jack O'Connor is the Head of Communities at the Algorand Foundation, dedicated to fulfill the global promise of
Klemen Gradišar is the Co-Founder of Ballies.gg, a gaming platform that has evolved into a cutting-edge platform, connecting
Dino Rađa is a former Croatian professional basketball player and former head of the professional council of the
Mate Naletilić is a digital innovation specialist with five years of experience working alongside the executive team of
Michele Imbimbo is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Stargraph, a Web3 boutique helping top brands exploit
Benjamin Stoll is the Digital and Innovation Director at Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS). Benjamin holds a bachelor's
Seki Haruyuki, also known as Hal Seki, is a Senior Expert of Civic Tech at the Japanese Government's
Luis Vicente is the Chairman of Europe's athlete-led investment platform, Apex Capital and a minority investor in multiple
Avishkar (Ash) Sharma is Head of Crypto Partnerships at Checkout.com, one of the world's biggest fintechs. With more
Antonio Argir is one of the members of the Management Board in NLB, responsible for Group Steering, Payments
Ganesh Raju is the Founder and CEO of Akshaya NFT and Metaverse, USA. He is an accomplished Enterpreneur,
Judit Hidalgo is the Director at Andorra Business, a public-private initiative aimed to facilitate investments and business diversification
Christian Rau is Senior Vice President Crypto and Fintech Enablement at Mastercard Europe.Since April 2022 Christian Rau holds