MASTERCARD KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Our view on crypto, how we engage in the space & an industry outlook
  • Christian Rau, senior VP Fintech and Crypto enablement Europe, Mastercard


PANEL DISCUSSION: Regulations - Keeping Pace with the Technological Innovations
  • Andras Fischer, OTP
  • Konstantinos Adamos, Revolut
  • Iegor Avetisov, Binance
Moderator: Igor E. Bergant, Mastercard


PANEL DISCUSSION: Banks and Fintechs – Making sense of the future of payments
  • Antonio Argir, NLB
  • Alex Zinder, Ledger
  • Avishkar (Ash) Sharma, Checkout.com
Moderator: Dorothea Ysenburg, Mastercard


KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The Challenges and Opportunities for Crypto Mass Adoption
  • Terence Kwok, CEO, hi.com


KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The path for mass crypto adoption
  • Luis Pinedo, Bitfinex Pay


PANEL DISCUSSION: Investment opportunities in Web3
  • Jack O'Connor, Algorand Fundation
  • Vedran Vukman, Revuto
  • Matjaz Hirsman, Reef.io
  • Gregor Novak, Suncontract
Moderator: dr. Jane Thomason, World Metaverse Council


KEYNOTE ADDRESS: (Re)building the NFT trust
  • Sebastjan Pirih, CMO & Business relations, Netis


PANEL DISCUSSION: Web3 and sports - How to engage fans through Web3 business models
  • Fred Antunes, RealFevr
  • Benjamin Stoll, FIS
  • Luis Vicente, APEX Capital
Moderator: Vlaho Hrdalo, UBIK


PANEL DISCUSSION: The future of sports – Is Web3 essential for developing the sports industry?
  • Dino Rađa, a legendary basketball player
  • Mate Naletilić, Dinamo Zagreb
  • Klemen Gradišar, Ballies and Metacourt
Moderator: Tanja Bivic Plankar, Blockchain Alliance Europe